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Training and Education

Tuesday June 19, 2018 - 12:04

SciNet is a high-performance computing consortium of the University of Toronto and associated research hospitals, serving the computational needs of Canadian academic researchers.

This website contains the online content of SciNet's training and education program. It contains lecture videos, slides, links, forums and other electronic material, all publicly available. The materials are organized by course; the list of recent courses can be browsed below.

SciNet users and students can furthermore login to submit assignments and track their progress towards SciNet's Scientific Computing Certificate, Data Science Certificate, and High Performance Certificate.

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PHY1610 Scientific Computing for Physicists (Winter 2019)

Scientific Computing for Physicists

This course is aimed at reducing your struggle in getting started with computational projects, and make you a more efficient computational scientist. Topics include well-established best practices for developing software as it applies to scientific c...

Instructor: Ramses van Zon
- 60 minutes

Scientific Computing (university credit) 2019-01-08

Archived Courses and Events

HPC160 CO Summer School Central (June, 2018)

CO Summer School Central

The Compute Ontario Summer School on Scientific and High Performance Computing is an annual educational event for graduate/undergraduate students, postdocs and researchers who are engaged in a compute intensive research. Held geographically in the we...

Instructor: SciNet Team
- 6240 minutes

Scientific Computing 2018-06-11
HPC113 Shared Memory Programming with OpenMP (Ontario Summer School June 2018)

Shared Memory Programming with OpenMP

In this one-day session, lectures and hands-on labs are interspersed, and the students will learn the basics of shared memory programming with OpenMP. In particular, we will discuss the OpenMP's execution and memory model, performance, reductions and...

Instructor: Alexey Fedoseev
Attended: 37 - 2 events of 180 minutes

High Performance Computing 2018-06-15
HPC243 Debugging, Profiling and BYOC (Ontario Summer School June 2018)

Debugging, Profiling and BYOC

Debugging and profiling are important steps in developing a new code, or porting an old one to a new machine. In this session, we will discuss the debugging of frequently encountered bugs in serial code with gdb and the debugging of parallel (MPI and...

Instructor: Bruno Mundim
Attended: 17 - 2 events of 180 minutes

Scientific Computing 2018-06-15
SCMP990 Biomedical Hacking (Ontario Summer School June 2018)

Biomedical Hacking

An afternoon of biomedical hacking. Bring your own code!

Instructor: SciNet Team
Attended: 7 - 180 minutes

Scientific Computing 2018-06-15

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