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Training and Education

Thursday August 22, 2019 - 13:54

SciNet is a high-performance computing consortium of the University of Toronto and associated research hospitals, serving the computational needs of Canadian academic researchers.

This website contains the online content of SciNet's training and education program. It contains lecture videos, slides, links, forums and other electronic material, all publicly available. The materials are organized by course; the list of recent courses can be browsed below.

Users of SciNet and Compute Canada can furthermore login to submit assignments and track their progress towards SciNet's Scientific Computing Certificate, Data Science Certificate, and High Performance Certificate.

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Petascale Computing Institute (Aug. 2019)

Petascale Computing Institute

The goal of this institute is to prepare attendees to be able to scale their computational codes to leadership-class computing systems via two-way video conferences with help of local analysts.

Instructor: SciNet Team
- 5 events of 420 minutes

High Performance Computing 2019-08-19
MSC1090 Introduction to Computational BioStatistics with R (Fall 2019)

Introduction to Computational BioStatistics with R

In this course data analysis techniques utilizing the R statistical language, will be discussed and introduced, as well as, the basics of programming and scientific computing. The goal of this course is to prepare graduate st...

Instructor: Marcelo Ponce
- 60 minutes

Data Science (university credit) 2019-09-10
SCMP142 Introduction to Programming with Python (Oct. 2019)

Introduction to Programming with Python

New to programming? Learn the basics of programming using python in eight one-hour sessions over the course of four weeks. Sessions will consist of a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises.

Instructor: Ramses van Zon
12 enrolled - 60 minutes

Scientific Computing 2019-10-01
DAT161 Introduction to GIT Version Control

Introduction to GIT Version Control

Introductory workshop to get started in the usage of version control GIT. This workshop is held in collaboration with UofT-Libraries and UofT graduate students could gain GPS credits. Details will follow!

Instructor: Ramses van Zon
18 enrolled - 180 minutes

Data Science 2019-10-04
 SCMP112 Numerical Computing with Python (Nov. 2019)

Numerical Computing with Python

Learn about research computing even with little programming experience. Covers programming in python, best practices and visualization. Some experience with python is required. The course will last 4 weeks with 2 lectures per...

Instructor: Ramses van Zon
15 enrolled - 60 minutes

PHY1610 Scientific Computing for Physicists (Winter 2020)

Scientific Computing for Physicists

This course is aimed at reducing your struggle in getting started with computational projects, and make you a more efficient computational scientist. Topics include well-established best practices for developing software as i...

Instructor: SciNet Team
1 enrolled - 60 minutes

Scientific Computing (university credit) 2020-01-07

Archived Courses and Events

CDL Machine Learning Bootcamp (July 2019)

CDL Machine Learning Bootcamp

A machine learning bootcamp given to participants of the Quantum Machine Learning program by Creative Destruction Labs.

Instructor: Erik Spence
Attended: 75 - 3 events of 480 minutes

External 2019-07-02
HPC160 CO Summer School Central (June 2019)

CO Summer School Central

The Compute Ontario Summer School on Scientific and High Performance Computing is an annual educational event for graduate/undergraduate students, postdocs and researchers who are engaged in a compute intensive research. Held...

Instructor: SciNet Team
- 6240 minutes

Scientific Computing 2019-06-24
SciNet User Group Meeting (June 2019)

SciNet User Group Meeting

Monthly user meeting at SciNet with pizza, a techtalk and user discussion on "No Conda: Using Python, Installing Packages, and Accessing Jupyter Notebooks on Niagara".

Instructor: SciNet Team
Attended: 20 - 60 minutes

SNUG 2019-06-12
HPC105 Intro to SciNet/Niagara (June 2019)

Intro to SciNet/Niagara

A quick introduction how to use SciNet and the Niagara supercomputer.

Instructor: SciNet Team
Attended: 9 - 90 minutes

High Performance Computing 2019-06-12

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