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Training and Education

Thursday December 13, 2018 - 04:42

The SciNet Education site supports training and courses for users of our high performance computing resources. To enroll in our courses, you need one of the following two kinds of accounts:

  1. A Compute Canada or SciNet account:
    Such accounts are also used for access to the computing resources. They are meant for academic research faculty and their students and collaborators.
  2. A temporary SciNet education account:
    This does not come with access to computing resources. Temporary accounts are given on an ad hoc basis, typically to university (grad) students that do not (yet) have a faculty supervisor that can sponsor them for a regular account. Login names for temporary accounts start with tmp_.
No account is needed if you just want to view the material.

To apply for a Compute Canada account, see here.

Only use the form below if one of the following exceptional cases applies to you:

  • You are a university (grad) student who does not (yet) have a faculty supervisor, but you wish to take our courses.
  • You have a temporary account and forgot your password.
  • You have a temporary account as well as a Compute Canada account and want those two accounts merged in order to work towards a SciNet certificate.

Please be specific in your message.

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