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Training and Education

Tuesday June 19, 2018 - 12:06

SciNet is a high-performance computing consortium of the University of Toronto and associated research hospitals, serving the computational needs of Canadian academic researchers.

This website contains the online content of SciNet's training and education program. It contains lecture videos, slides, links, forums and other electronic material, all publicly available. The materials are organized by course; the list of recent courses can be browsed below.

SciNet users and students can furthermore login to submit assignments and track their progress towards SciNet's Scientific Computing Certificate, Data Science Certificate, and High Performance Certificate.

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Archived Courses and Events

SciNet User Group Meeting: Using Niagara (Apr. 2018)

SciNet User Group Meeting: Using Niagara

At this user group meeting, SciNet will present a quick introduction how to use the new supercomputer Niagara. The event will be live as well as broadcast. Please register if attending live, for pizza planning purposes.

Instructor: SciNet Team
- 60 minutes

SNUG 2018-04-11
SciNet User Group Meeting (Feb. 2018)

SciNet User Group Meeting

pizza, user discussion, and a techtalk (TBA)

Instructor: SciNet Team
Attended: 18 - 60 minutes

SNUG 2018-02-14
SciNet User Group Meeting: Niagara (Nov. 2017)

SciNet User Group Meeting: Niagara

Pizza, user discussion and a talk about the details of the new Niagara supercomputer and its deployment at SciNet this fall. - 60 minutes

Instructor: Ramses van Zon
Attended: 18 - 60 minutes

SNUG 2017-11-08
SciNet User Group Meeting (Sept. 2017)

SciNet User Group Meeting

Pizza, user discussion, and a tech talk: ChIP-Seq analysis of the Interactive Bromodomain 1 protein (Ibd1) in Tetrahymena thermophila, by PhD student Alejandro Saettone (Ryerson University)

Instructor: SciNet Team
- 60 minutes

SNUG 2017-09-13

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